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This is the most comprehensive UCAS Medicine Personal Statement course available anywhere online. With invaluable input from experienced doctors and admissions tutors, we’ve distilled essential writing techniques into this easy-to-follow online course, and best of all it’s completely free!

Key Features

What's The Course Format?

The course is split into three phases to guide you through the writing process. In phase 1 you’ll learn the basics of the personal statement and reflecting on your application. In phase 2 you’ll bring your ideas and experiences together and writing your first draft. In the final phase you’ll crafting the perfect personal statement and upload the final draft.

Who Is The Course Suitable For?

If you’re considering a career in healthcare or applying to medicine then our Personal Statement Masterclass is for you. You’ll understand how to successfully create the perfect personal statement to boost your application and get a place at medical school.

How Do I Access The Course?

You can get instant access to the course as soon as you sign up. The course is delivered via our online learning platform and you will have access for 120 days.

Personal Statement Masterclass Meet Your Teachers


Mr Sean Rezvani

Sean Rezvani is a Specialist Registrar in Urological Surgery who’s actively involved in original scientific research, Public Health, and medical education.

Mr Francis Ugwu

Francis Ugwu is a General Surgical Registrar and Clinical Educator, specialising in the development of non-technical skills within medicine and surgery, and the development of innovative surgical training modalities.

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