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Natalie Janaszczyk

Mr Ugwu is an absolute dude! Very informative & rational teaching style. Took time to debunk the myths & provide easy to follow tips & tricks. Gave lots of insights into roles & responsibilities of FY1. Feel more confident about what is an unsettling test. Very professional!


The best SJT course I’ve been to! Well-paced, clear and concise. We were given rules that you should follow when answering questions rather than ‘answers are subjective, deal with it’. I actually understand what the examiners want from me now. Delivered by an experienced teacher who knows what he’s talking about. This is THE BEST COURSE I HAVE BEEN TO (and I’ve tried many others). I feel much more confident in knowing what I have to do to get the highest marks.

Eassy Obrii

Clearly identified and communicated the SJT/GMC rationales. Information given was concise and never contradicted prior info.
Was concerned this would just be a money maker but definitely worth the £.
Fantastic presentation skills.

Adam Jones

Great course, very well organised, covered loads of material. I feel more comfortable with the exam pattern now, I was dreading it. Dr Ugwu was an excellent teacher, took the time to go through questions in detail and did not feel rushed. Lectures were really good. Thanks for everything!

Anthony Wilson

Really great course - feel much more prepared for the exam. Very well organised and presented. All questions clarified clearly. Practise tests were extremely useful - great explanations of all answers! Excellent teaching manner, very professional. Many thanks!

Anil Kandola

The course was great. All the examples were really helpful and the Team would go out of their way to assist and would be happy to answer any questions I asked. Thanks again.


Highly recommend! I feel much more prepared and have a greater understanding of the SJT exam, how it works, and how to approach the exam both in terms of preparation and on the day. The course was very informative and everything was presented in a clear and concise manner. It was well organised and structured great! The preparatory videos really helped with ensuring every aspect of the exam and official guidance would be covered. The techniques taught were unique to this course (some of these were very helpful tips, e.g. timings, rationale, which I have not seen any other course cover) and we were given a helpful way to approach the new question type. There was an abundance of exam question practice, I felt this was very productive and exactly what I was looking for! The tutors were very professional, attentive and gave excellent guidance! Very grateful to the team, and especially to the tutor, who delivered the content at a great pace and explained all aspects of the exams and question answers very well. I would recommend that everyone that needs to do the SJT do this course if they have the opportunity to do so as it can increase your confidence. Great value for money. Interesting and relevant content. Thank you again for equipping us with such useful tips and techniques for the SJT, I feel much more ready

Madeleine Boyers 17 Jan 2021

Well worth the money even for peace of mind to have someone talk you through how to start revising for the SJT. The pre course work was so clear and thorough including the guidelines (great summaries) and tips for answering different question types. The course wasn't too long or boring and was good opportunity to work through SJT questions with someone with a lot of experience.

Anonymous 18 Jan 2021

I found the course extremely useful in my SJT preparation. The course was well structured and organised and moved effectively online due to coronavirus. I liked that the course was concise, which made it easier for me to concentrate, and it left room for a long question and answer session. I found the learning materials really useful as they were so similar to the real SJT style of questions and the answers had similar reasoning to the official papers. The course also gave us great tips to try to tackle the rating questions, which I was initially daunted by as they were new and I had no idea what to expect. I would recommend this to other students 100%.

Charlotte Reed 20 Jan 2021

Really enjoyed the MedSet SJT course. I did a few different courses and I found it by far the most useful and with answers and explanations most in accordance with the UKFPO past papers. The guidance on the new sections was particularly useful, not sure what I would have done without it!