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Being a doctor is an amazing career, but the road to getting there is challenging and the first step is getting into medical school. Work experience is the cornerstone of any successful medical school application, as it allows you to demonstrate a commitment to medicine as well as a mature understanding of what being a doctor is really like. However, it can be difficult to organise, especially given the current pandemic.

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What's The Course Format?

The Medset ‘Doctor for Day’ Virtual Work Experience is recognised by medical schools and will provide you with an experience that you can use in your personal statement and at interviews to demonstrate that you have all the qualities needed to be doctor.

The experience is hosted online and is run by experienced doctors and surgeons who will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what a career in the NHS is like, and what medical schools are looking for from future doctors. Over the day you’ll be taught real clinical skills, like examining, diagnosing and treating patients, and reviewing blood tests and scans. Alongside this you’ll also be taught about the different types of doctors and health professionals, and about how the NHS works.

Who Is The Course Suitable For?

If you’re considering a career in medicine or applying to medical school then our ‘Doctor for a Day’ experience is perfect for you. You’ll understand the realities of being a doctor, and you’ll be able to reflect on the experience in your personal statement and at interview – one of the key things that medical schools look for when deciding who to offer a place.

Saturday 7th May 2022

Our next virtual work experience webinar is on Saturday 7th May 2022. You’ll receive a personal link to our webinar before the date, so you can join us online from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Work Experience Meet The Doctors


Mr Sean Rezvani

Sean Rezvani is a Specialist Registrar in Urological Surgery who’s actively involved in original scientific research, Public Health, and medical education.

Mr Francis Ugwu

Francis Ugwu is a General Surgical Registrar and Clinical Educator, specialising in the development of non-technical skills within medicine and surgery, and the development of innovative surgical training modalities.

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    5th March 2022
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Saturday 7th May 2022

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