Most Comprehensive Course Online Core Surgical Training Interview

This is the most comprehensive Core Surgical Training (CST) interview course available anywhere online, designed by experienced surgical trainees who have scored top marks in this highly-competitive interview. This 5* rated course brings together all the key knowledge, tips, and interview techniques that you need to get your Core Surgical Training position.

Core Surgical Training (CST) Interview Course Medset
Mohammed Afzal
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This course has been a great investment in my preparation for core surgical training. Broke down the interview in a really helpful way and shows you exactly what the interviewers are looking for and how to impress them.
Core Surgical Training (CST) Interview Course Medset
Claire Chan
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So, so helpful! I was really unsure about the whole CST interview process before but this course helped me write a great presentation and confidently deal with the common clinical and ethical scenarios. 100% would recommend!
Core Surgical Training (CST) Interview Course Medset
Charlotte Davies
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Best resource I have used for my CST interview prep. Covers loads of topics that I didn't think would come up so really glad I did it! Definitely worth it for the price.

What's Covered?

What's The Course Format?

The course is split into modules that cover the fundamentals of Core Surgical Training (CST) interview, clinical scenarios, leadership, management and ethical scenarios. The course is interactive and designed to allow you to test yourself as you progress, and it can be completed in your own time at your own pace as you have access to the course and all the associated materials for 120 days.

Who Is The Course Suitable For?

All doctors applying for Core Surgical Training or those looking to prepare for this competitive selection process in advance.

How Do I Access The Course?

You get instant access to the course as soon as you sign up. The course is delivered via our online learning platform and you will have access for 120 days.

Core Surgical Training Meet The Surgeons

Core Surgical Training (CST) Interview Course Medset

Mr Sean Rezvani

Sean Rezvani is a Specialist Registrar in Urological Surgery who’s actively involved in original scientific research, Public Health, and medical education.

Core Surgical Training (CST) Interview Course Medset

Mr Francis Ugwu

Francis Ugwu is a General Surgical Registrar and Clinical Educator, specialising in the development of non-technical skills within medicine and surgery, and the development of innovative surgical training modalities.

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Core Surgical Training (CST) Interview Course Medset

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Core Surgical Training (CST) Interview Course Medset
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Rebecca 18 Jan 2021

Amazing prep for the SJT! I found this course incredibly helpful when revising for the SJT. The pre-course videos were really useful for going through at your own pace and again for re-going over throughout your SJT prep. The live lecture was useful to have a thorough explanation of the different sections. In addition, the MedSet practice papers and workings out were extremely useful. I also did another course from a different provider and the MedSet one was definitely superior. Lastly, with this year having the new rating style of questions, MedSet provided an explanation and algorithm that was easy to understand and made tackling the questions in the exam a lot easier. Overall, couldn't recommend enough!

Amy Nolan 23 Jan 2021

Fantastic preparation for the SJT... highly recommend! The Medset course was really fantastic preparation for my SJT. I attended a few courses prior to sitting my SJT and found that Medset's prepared me far more than any of the others. Medset provided effective techniques for answering the questions and for helping to understand what the examiners are really looking for. They supplied high-fidelity learning resources that were closely aligned to the official UKFPO past papers. I really enjoyed the overall structure of the online course. The content of the pre-course lectures was very clear and concise, and I was grateful for the ongoing access to the lectures so that I could revisit them as many times as I liked throughout my revision. The live Q&A session was extremely useful, and the speaker worked really hard to ensure everybody's questions were answered. Thank you, Medset! I would highly recommend this course to other final year students sitting their SJT!

Ali Hardy 25 Jan 2021

SJT worries? Do the Medset course! I'd been recommended this course by a medic friend who had done it the previous year and it did not disappoint. Despite COVID-19 restrictions meaning we couldn't have the course in person, it was still really helpful as an online course. The course changed the way I approached SJT questions and helped me get into the mindset of what the examiners were looking for. I had so much more confidence going into the exam having done the course and would recommend it to anyone. The SJT is a strange exam anyway and this course gave me the feeling of having "an edge" over other final year medics who hadn't taken it. It's the best investment in yourself that you can make

Sam 1 Mar 2021

I had an excellent time using Medset, and it was personally recommended to me by my teacher to use to prepare for Interviews. It was an enriching experience and gave me a lot of insight into the medical profession as a whole, and I'm yet to have my interview but it's been incredibly useful.

Sophie 9 Mar 2021

Medset to the rescue! I had no experience of SJTs before, and thankfully Medset prepared me extremely well and I passed my assessment centre! The format, videos, and practices were incredibly useful, as well as the explanations for the practice answers. Thank you so much. I would recommend this to all friends about to take these exams.

Ben Carr 10 Mar 2021

An excellent resource for medical interviews! The history of medicine was particularly interesting to bring up in my interview and relate to my history A level!

Matthew Johnson 16 Mar 2021

Definitely helped me get a place at medical school! Had no idea how to prepare for the med school interview but found this course incredibly useful! Really liked that it was online, helped me to work around coursework and exams. The hot topics were a great talking point at interview. Would recommend to anyone applying to medical school this year!

Tamara Searle 28 May 2021

The course was excellent enabling me to achieve a score of 43.6. The instructors were approachable and the past papers provided extremely helpful

Emily 6 Jun 2021

Well worth the money!! I scored 42.5 in my SJT thanks to the medset course. My score got me into North west london. I couldn’t have done it without this course- it broke down the sjt into simplified sections, which made preparing for the exam easy. Moreover- the course provided tactics and strategies to tackle every senario that came up. The course is well worth the money- all my friends did it too and they all scored well above average. Truely a fantastic course!!